Paul, Holly, Bryant, and Rebekah came to visit!

Ferry ride!

Graelyn Opal - 10 Months

This little girl is getting long and even more cuddly. However, she doesn’t like to be cuddled for even a second. She has places to be, apparently. She’s getting pretty good at climbing steps and side-stepping on the sofa. Taking pictures is terribly hard because she knows the sound of the camera. These monthly photos are even worse because she doesn’t particularly like the idea of sitting still. I’m a fast photographer, though!

Pawpaw and Graelyn playing guitar

Gustav, Grae, and the string again!

Gustav, Grae, and the string

Out at the banks with the family

Destroyer of foooooods!

Graelyn Opal - Nine Months

She’s now a destroyer of all sorts of mushed food. She’s weary of the water but seems interested enough. Her crawling skills have gotten better and she’s very much in love with all things electrical chord-like. It is a bad habit! Her favorite toys are her beanie ducky, the long string that ties my bath robe, and anything that we have in our hands.

Gus and Grae playing with the orange string~

Happy 4th of July!